Wisconsin Child Support Lien Docket

The authority for creating child support liens and seizing property to enforce a lien is found in s. 49.854, Wis. Stats., and Administrative Rule DCF 152. The state statute and administrative rule are in PDF format at the Wisconsin State Legislature's website.

The Child Support Lien Docket is statewide. The docket lists the names of all child support payers with a lien, regardless of the Wisconsin county in which they reside or have a support order. For example, the name of a child support payer with a lien who lives in Dane County and has a child support order in Dane County may be viewed in the office of the register of deeds in any county.

The Child Support Lien Docket lists participant liens, which means that the lien record on the docket does not identify a specific piece of property to which the lien attaches. Instead, the lien attaches to any real or titled personal property the child support payer owns.

The Department of Children and Families may levy a delinquent payer's property to enforce a lien. This means that the Department may seize a delinquent payer's bank accounts, titled personal property, or real estate to satisfy a lien.