Lien Expiration Processing and New Lien Determinations

Under s. 49.854(12) Wis. Stats., and DCF Rule 152.06(8) a child support lien expires at the end of five (5) years.

Monthly lien expiration processing runs immediately before lien determination processing. This means that when a child support lien expires, the child support case will be reevaluated immediately to see if a new lien should be docketed. If the case still meets lien criteria, a new child support lien will be docketed immediately, leaving no gaps.

The new child support lien will be given a new effective date and a new lien docket number, and a new five (5) year lien period will be started. When the new lien is docketed, the individual subject to the lien will receive a Notice of Lien Redetermination and Credit Bureau Reporting document advising him or her about the new lien.

All expired, satisfied or withdrawn liens will be removed from the lien docket website six months after the lien ends.

For questions, please contact the Bureau of Child Support at (608) 266-9909.